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Welcome to Payroo Payroll Mobile Payslip App

A quick and easy way to view your payslips is now available using a simple Mobile App that runs on Android devices.

The Mobile App that Payroo Payroll provides has the following features:

  • All payslips are in a PDF format.
  • The App will allow you to view all your current tax year payslips.
  • The payslips are dynamically generated from the Payroo Cloud Payroll system with up to the minute calculated values each time you click on the App.
  • There is a secured tunnel with 128 bit SSL technology between your device and the Payroo Cloud Payroll System to encrypt and protect your data while you download your payslips.

Follow the steps below to access the Payroo Payslip Mobile App

  • Click on the link here to download the App
  • or Search for 'Payroo Payroll Payslip' on Google Play.

To start using the App now your employees can simply download the App to their mobile devices and enter their Payroo Payroll ID and password. For any queries please fill-in the contact form by clicking on the following link

The use of Payroo Payroll App is subject to the Payroo Limited Terms and Conditions which can be found on the following link