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What Free Payroo provides

This full and complete Internet Payroo provides the following:

  • Yes, Payroo is a full and comprehensive payroll package RTI PAYE recognised by HMRC. It is very simple and easy to use, running entirely over the Internet like Internet Banking.
  • Yes, e-filing of your P45, P46 as well as e-updates of your P6, P9 and SL1 etc. notices in the package are also FREE*.
  • Yes, the system calculates Directors Pay, SSP, SMP, Holiday Pay, Pensions, Student Loans, Monthly, Weekly, 2 Weekly and 4 Weekly pay, etc. for up to 5000 employees over the https.
  • Yes, you can allow each employee to have an individual account, similar to a bank account, to view and print their respective current and previous 3 years payslips, work pattern, P60 etc. at anytime over the Internet or via their mobile PDA for free.
  • Yes, the system will provide you with the payment data you need to pay the HMRC and employees electronically or by other methods.
  • Yes, the system is powered and managed by one of the most advanced Databases with RDBMS inbuilt, capable of supporting thousands of employers with millions of employees (our Intranet version can support unlimited employees).
  • Yes, you can sign up now and use it straight away over the Internet without worrying about the installation of any CD or its future updates. It works on a cloud computing concept.
  • Yes, for up to 9 employees it really is completely free to use. For 10 or more employees please refer to our Price page.
  • Yes, the package is feature rich and has a 12 years successful track record with very many happy users.

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  • No, Payroll coaching or payroll training over the phone or Internet is not free. Please contact us for a competitive quote for our payroll training. We do however provide a FREE online self help payroll demo on how to use the package ( ).
  • No, I T training and support to tackle your in-house I T usage is not free. Please call us for a quote.
  • No, for employers with more than 10 employees it is not free, but our charges for 10 or more employees are very very competitive at just £ 3 per employee per year.
  • No, printing your payslips onto our security paper is not free, but you can print on plain paper for free. Our security payslip paper is the cheapest in town.